Elizabeth Warren and the Audacity to Have a Plan


It’s 4:36pm PST, February 22nd, at the time I’m writing this. Nevada will go to Bernie. America seems to like recognizable names. Bernie, Hilary, Donald, George. There are 6 strong candidates heading into 47 more states (+territories) that will pass around delegates to decide the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election.

[Update 4:39pm PST — Vox projects Nevada goes to Bernie]

I still can’t tell you why Trump won the electoral college in 2016, and now I’m confused at how Bernie Sanders managed to score the first three caucuses for this primary. But there’s no coincidence that both are backed by a strong militia of social media vigilantes unperturbed by the vitriol it takes to win elections online. I recently read somewhere that we don’t vote for just ourselves in mind, we vote for our society in mind. Bernie supporters want a radical progressive takeover. Trump supporters want to shut out anyone that looks or thinks differently than archaic, nationalistic ideology. Society looks different to everyone. It depends on your upbringing, your status, and what “fair” means to you.

I can tell you that Bernie, Pete, and Joe are not the best choices available to us. We don’t need the fresh face Pete or the familiar faces of Bernie and Joe. If you believe that our government can rise to the type of leadership better than ever before, that doesn’t mean more yelling, more divisive rhetoric, and more antagonizing opponents on social media. Most of the democratic candidates don’t make the cut.

If you believe that we can step forward, that means marching toward logic and reason. We should want to be led by intelligence and authenticity.

Speaking of Intelligence

U.S intelligence informed Bernie Sanders that Russia is interfering with the Democratic primary to secure his win. Because Bernie won’t get moderates. Because Russia can bring Bernie down. Because Russia will aid Trump to bring Bernie down. Joe Biden, the previous frontrunner was toppled by the tactics of Trump, Russia, and unfortunately, himself.

The Best Candidate

Most Americans want some semblance of a nation back. Trump is not so charming that he can degrade our citizens and neighbors and still be the best option to run the country. And we must tell him that with completed ballots.

However, there’s one candidate worth of everyone’s vote this primary election — and ultimately the 2020 presidential election.

Elizabeth Warren is the 2020 choice. Her rhetoric, bold ideas, and intelligence surpass simplistic efforts to convince people not to vote for a woman. She’s beyond the media blackout that tries to trick us into thinking she’s not worth our votes. She’s not a ‘waste of a vote’ because 3 states caucused for Bernie and Pete.

I choose Elizabeth Warren because she’s smart. She’s calculated. She’s thought through her stances. She comes from a public-school background. She used to be a republican. She has a sense of the other side. She’s from Oklahoma. She has the best ideas.

And she’s the most likeable. Yep — A woman is likeable. Imagine that.

If my underpinnings for a candidate have society in mind, then that’s why I support Warren. She’s not the angry candidate. She’s not collecting her Bernie Bros, and she doesn’t come from the establishment. She not only has the nation and its people in mind, she has it with the intelligence to make us feel whole again.

She has the audacity to fight for working class people but be cordial in the execution. She won’t divide this country further than what Bernie’s trying to do. And given that history tends to repeat itself, tends not to look that different no matter who is president, I think bringing this country back to unity with a progressive candidate like Warren versus an angry democrat like Bernie is worth it.

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